Rotaflex DV

We meet the increasing demands on process capability with a well thought-out solution. Manufacturing precision begins on the Rotaflex DV in the μm area.

Up to 14 CNC machining units with double spindle and HSK – C32 or HSK – C40 and speeds up to 20’000 rpm
– Concentricity of the spindles < 2 μm
– Positioning accuracy of each axis < 2 μm
– Spindle housing including motors are water-cooled
– Full enclosure prevents penetration of chips

During pallet transport on each workstation, the workpiece carriers are directly locked in a high-precision Hirth gearing, which is superior to other systems in terms of robustness and long-term accuracy.
– Positioning accuracy of the pallet < 2 μm

Possible errors of the clamping devices can be assigned as correction value to each pallet and stored in the CNC control.
– Machining accuracy < 10 μm on all stations

The entire machine is cooled with air and temperature stabilized. This reduces the warm-up phases to a minimum. The air supplied also serves as sealing air and prevents dust particles and moisture from penetrating into the interior of the machine.
– Warm-up time < 60 minutes

Rotaflex DV
Rotaflex DV