Overhauled centre grinding machine

Centre grinding machine ZSM5100 completely overhauled by the manufacturer in top condition. Grinding head feed manual with adjustable work piece clamping range for a work piece length of 50-800 mm. Longer work pieces can also be machined with an optional additional module.
Centering bore angle 60° for centre diameters of 4-60 mm. Three different speeds of the grinding wheel (45’000 / 22’500 / 14’000 rpm).
Stable machine stand with precise guiding system for the vertical movement of the grinding head and the work piece holder.
With the special ws technica grinding head, with three simultaneous grinding wheel movements, a high quality and extremely precise centre is ground.
Upgrading with further machine options is possible at any time.
Net weight of the machine approx. 460 kg.

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